Studio Reset
MELT and Classical Pilates in NW Portland OR
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Classical Pilates Workout and MELT Method in NW Portland Oregon

Seven Group classes at Studio Reset.  Learn Classical Pilates mat, it is a great Pilates workout and integrates all the principles of Pilates: concentration, coordination, centering, flow and breath.  Some classes incorporate the MELT Method technique to help reconnect and rebalance your body by hydrating the connective tissue system.  Stability precedes movement.  Feel better, take a class at SR!



I offer two group classes at Studio Reset.  I like group classes because they foster a sense of community.  If you are already somewhat familiar with MELT or Pilates, or if you just want to put your toe in the water, come join a group class.  It is a cost-effective way to relieve stuck stress such as cramping or stiffness, prevent or heal injuries, address bad postural habits, and learn self-care techniques.  With steady application, you will become stronger, healthier, more flexible, and more stable.  Come and enjoy a greater sense of well being!