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Who takes Pilates?  Is Pilates for men or Pilates for women?  Pilates is great for everyone, regardless of age or athletic ability.  Some people come to Pilates for the equipment because their bodies crave resistance.  Others come to Pilates because of the focus on the spine.  You are only as young as your spine, Pilates used to say.  Many athletes or dancers practice Pilates for conditioning and to prevent injuries.  Whoever you are, working with an experienced Pilates instructor will allow you to learn and develop at your own pace according to your own abilities.

How many classes should I take?  This is a difficult question and it depends upon your general health and fitness at the start.  Consistency is as important, if not more important, than frequency.  Many people take two to three classes a week.  Clients notice a big increase in their progress from taking two classes weekly rather than one.  I don't recommend taking more than three classes weekly.  The body needs time to rest and acclimate.  At Studio Reset, I offer a choice of group and individual classes to fit your schedule.

What should I wear to class?  Clothing that is comfortable and reasonably form-fitting.  With Pilates in particular, I need to be able to see your body to ensure that you are using the correct muscles.  For women, yoga clothing is perfect.  For men, three-quarter-length running tights or long running shorts might be the best options.  You don't want to have zippers or loose clothing that will become caught on or uncomfortable on the equipment or mats. 

What do I need to bring for classNothing.  Everything is supplied.  I will supply clean mats though you should bring your own if you prefer to use it.  All the MELT products are also supplied.

What kind of results can I expect from Pilates or MELT It depends upon the level of effort that you put into it.  If you take regular classes and practice your MELT and/or Pilates at home, you will quickly notice better posture and a stronger core.  You will become more aware of your nervous system and know how to calm yourself.  You will learn how your body works, where imbalances exist, and how to address those imbalances.  Over time you will develop strength and confidence in your body and be able to manage whatever injuries or limitation arise.

What if I have chronic back pain or I am injured, can I still do MELT or Pilates and will it helpThe answer depends on your particular condition.  I have done a lot of work with people who have seriously debilitating conditions.  I know how to adapt the classical Pilates work as necessary to accommodate a wide variety of conditions.  Also, I can work with a much wider variety of clients because I teach not only Pilates but also the MELT Method.  If you have questions about your particular condition, please contact me.

What if I am pregnant can I still do Pilates?  Yes.  If you have an experienced teacher.  I have taught students all the way up to the ninth month.

Will I lose weight from doing Pilates My body has lengthened, I've developed core strength, my posture has improved, and my muscles are lean from Pilates.  I can't really say that I have lost weight doing Pilates.  It is not aerobic.  I look more slim because my posture is better.  Studies are now showing that weight loss is more about what you eat than about the amount of exercise you do.  Eat healthy food, do Pilates, add in a bit of aerobic exercise if you can, and you will change your relationship to your body.

How is Pilates different from Yoga?  Pilates and yoga are like the Italian and Spanish languages: they are related, they sound similar, but are different.  Your body will make similar shapes but the focus and intention is very different in each practice.  I practice both yoga and Pilates regularly.  In Pilates, the focus is on alignment, stability, spring resistance, and overall body conditioning.  The emphasis is on pulling inward and developing strength in the smaller muscles.  In yoga, extension and stretching are emphasized: opening the body and holding poses.  Pilates leaves me feeling long, lean and lifted.  Yoga leaves me feeling relaxed, open and grounded.  They compliment each other.