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MELT and Classical Pilates in NW Portland OR
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Classical Pilates Workout and MELT Method in NW Portland Oregon

MELT is a simple self-treatment technique that re-hydrates the connective tissue system and rebalances the regulators of your nervous system.  It helps erase the negative effects of daily living, alleviate pain and heal injuries.  Sue Hitzmann, the creator of the Method, makes it possible to live without chronic pain and transform your body in as little as ten minutes a day.  People in the pacific northwest love MELT: Go MELT Portland!

By focusing on what’s staying stable rather than the movement, we reopen the neurological potential for stabilization.
— Sue Hitzmann


Portland loves meltING

The MELT Method is a self-treatment technique designed to simulate manual therapy.  It is self-massage!  It re-hydrates connective tissue and quiets the nervous system.  It has been scientifically proven to prevent pain, heal injury, and erase the negative effects of aging and active living.  Using specialized balls and rollers, you can learn to care for yourself in your own home or office.

I like the MELT Method because it enables you, after only a few classes, to begin to take control of your health.  MELT gives you the tools to maintain an active, pain-free life.  Come to Studio Reset to develop good habits that will facilitate a longer, healthier, more vibrant life.

As I think about the three most important aspects of my physical and mental regimen Pilates, MELT, and meditation they all have certain things in common.  They all promise significant benefits as a result of steady, patient effort.  They all can change your life if you incorporate them into your weekly routine.  They all impact both physical and mental health.  And they all begin, simply, with breathing.  Breathing is something you do every moment.  It can calm your mind and body, soothe your nervous system, remind you of your pledge to develop better health, and help you incorporate good habits into your daily routine.  Breathing is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of health.  Pilates emphasized it, Sue Hitzmann wrote about it, and it is the fundamental practice taught to many beginning meditators.

If you are interested, please read a wonderful article on breathing by Sue Hitzmann here.


MELT moves


HAND treatment

'Everyday life is hard on your hands.  The MELT Hand Treatment relieves the stiffness brought on by repetitive daily activity that's felt as pain in your hands and wrists and, over time, as chronic neck, shoulder, and back aches."
Sue Hitzmann, The MELT Method, Page 134

Foot Treatment

"Position Point Pressing applies direct tolerable pressure to specific points of the hands and feet to mobilize the joints and rejuvenate them with essential fluid. Position Point Pressing improves not only the mobility of the hands and the feet but also the neurological connection between your extremeties and every other system in your body."
Sue Hitzmann, The MELT Method, Page 135


"Rinsing takes the new fluid production that Shearing stimulates in a small area and flushes the fluid through the tissues."
Sue Hitzmann, The MELT Method, Page 108

hip to heel press

"Length involves moving two specific masses of the body, such as your hip and your heel, away from each other at the same pace to create tensional length in the connective tissue between them."
Sue Hitzmann, The MELT Method, Page 111