Studio Reset
MELT and Classical Pilates in NW Portland OR


Friends who are yoga and Pilates teachers.  They have inspired and supported me through my teaching career.  I feel blessed to know these amazing people!

Pilates reinforces my belief that everyone can move at any age and with any level of fitness. And you can start at any age. I have a dedicated client, Kathleen, who started with me at age 65, five years on she is still going strong and looks amazing, the poster person for you can start anytime, just be brave, consistent and open to change through movement. Insight and believe in the system is a treasure I’ve gained from Pilates, Joe and Clara were brilliant. We just need to get out of the way and share Classical Pilates with as many bodies as humanly possible
— Krisna Hanks, Eastbay Pilates
We believe that the practice of yoga is not an ascent to a higher state of consciousness but rather a return to a natural state of being. Yoga is about remembering, not about achieving physical mastery, acquiring new faculties, or attaining enlightenment.
— Geoffrey Roniger - Freret Street Yoga