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MELT and Classical Pilates in NW Portland OR
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Classical Pilates Workout and MELT Method in NW Portland Oregon

Prices for the Classical Pilates Mat and MELT classes and private sessions and Duets.



  • If you are new to the studio, you can sign up for a group class or private session.  Click here for prices. Below is the description of classes along with the prices for each class.

  • If you want to purchase a gift of classes for friends or family, the easiest way is by buying them a class card.  You would do that by contacting me via email.

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Gift Cards Available

Give the gift of movement.  Nothing says "I love you, may you no longer be uncomfortable in your body" like a gift card from Studio Reset!

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description of CLASSES


TBA / Workshop Class

 MELT Pilates is a series of Pilates Mat exercises using the MELT Roller that both modify and enhance the authentic mat exercises and create assistance that is typically only found in private apparatus work.  Participants can dramatically improve the results of their mat class and reduce the risk of pain and injury by first preparing their body with MELT Reconnect, Re-balance, Release, and Rehydrate techniques.


IntermeDIATE Pilates

Wednesday 8:45am

This class is for you if you are familiar with the basic classical Pilates mat and are ready to master the intermediate mat.  We may even include some advanced moves, if they are appropriate. Studio Reset offers a dynamic, fun, and challenging class where you will condition your whole body. Lengthen and stabilize as you focus on form, precision, breath, and flow.  Magic circles and small hand weights are used to add challenge to the workout.

Advanced PilateS

TBA / Workshop Class

For those of you who are familiar with the 34 exercises in the classical Pilates mat.  This dynamic class will get you to improve your side planks, push-ups, teaser II and teaser III and more....  Perfect for teachers and advance Pilates students.  Give yourself an hour to breath, practice precision of movement, flow (especially in transitions) and leave feeling centered and energized!

MELT performance

Saturday 8:00am

This class will use the MELT Method compression, lengthening and strengthening techniques to develop better neurological balance to both shoulder girdle and pelvic girdle.   You will reestablish better timing in your core and minimize compression in your joints... all while building strength.  You will move with more ease and efficiency.  Soon, you will notice your body feeling grounded, buoyant, and longer.  Great add-on to Pilates or whatever activity you do!