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Classical Pilates Workout and MELT Method in NW Portland Oregon

Students who have taken Pilates and the MELT Method classes.



"Lucero is a master at creating a balanced Pilates workout. She knows just the right amount of time to work an areato make you feel it the next day but not too much to cause injury: intelligent exercise. The addition of MELT for the hands and feet have saved me. I highly recommend Studio Reset, 5 star."

— Dr. Karen Kelsall

"I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful classes in MELT. Donna Marshall and T Fahrig in my office keep thanking me every day for sending them on Sunday. We all felt so much relaxation and are in awe of your teaching skill with such a wide variety of people in the class. I feel fortunate to have Geoffrey in New Orleans and I know the people in Portland are lucky to have you. I have written to my Portland nieces and I hope they contact you.
With kindest regards ,all best wishes, and heartfelt thanks

— Edith H. Morris

"Lucero is a highly intelligent and fiercely compassionate teacher. Her keen observational skills and the precision with which she identifies dysfunctional movement patterns and subtle imbalances in her students are uncanny. The way she goes about re-educating people to stand, sit, and move in a more graceful way is innovative and deeply personalized. I was fortunate enough to take weekly private lessons from Lucero for almost 5 years, and I would certainly continue if she and I didn't live on opposite sides of the country. I am forever indebted to her for all that she taught me about the human body/mind, and it warms my heart to know that she is still passionately sharing her gifts with others."

— Geoffrey Roniger, Owner
Freret Street Yoga
Creator of 

"After several years of Pilates mat classes, I started working with Lucero and discovered a whole new level of Pilates!  Lucero has helped me see the ways that the same classical exercises I had been doing could be more precise and beneficial to my particular body, building new strength I did not know I had.  At age 64, I'm feeling new resilience, strength and balance!  After a session with Lucero that combines MELT and Pilates, I leave the studio feeling fabulous, younger and inspired.  What could be better than that?  Lucero is a masterful, creative teacher.  I'm so glad that I found Studio Reset!"


"Shortly after my 3rd MELT session I met with a patient who seemed like she would be a good candidate to start up with MELT. I sent her to the website and she ran with it.

Below is her experience. I just wanted to share how the things you do have a rippling effect in wonderful ways... so thank you for turning me on to MELT on behalf of all the folks I will be sharing it with!!"

— Erika Siegel, ND



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Continuing Education Since 2016



MELT NeuroStrength, an advanced MELT technique for qualified instructors that simulates the highly specialized hands-on therapeutic techniques of neuromuscular therapy, which are used to Reintegrate and Repattern optimal joint motion, erase compensatory patterns, and help people live pain free with a “hands-off” approach.

This was the second time I did this intensive six-day workshop. I have been practicing and teaching NeuroStrength for four years and during this week in August, I was able to absorb so much more of the nuance and science of this amazing life changing technique.


In this workshop Trish Garland reviewed exercises on the Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and the Archival Mat Work of Joseph Pilates. Her Studio is where I would recommend anyone who wants to get trained in the Romana Pilates style.  I was challenged and inspired! It was great having a master teacher work with my body and help me with my imbalances.


April 2017

HUMAN CADAVER Dissection course

What an amazing experience it was to have the opportunity to be part of this six-day hands on course.  We were skillfully guided into exploring, observing, feeling and dissecting the mysteries and wonder of the human body with Gil Hedley.  I am pleased to call myself a 'Somanaut'.  I have been teaching for over 20 years and to be able to go beyond the skin and uncover the layers beneath has inspired and transformed me as a person and a teacher.


December 2016


A Comprehensive review of the Level ! moves.  Prior to three-day LAB, one month of videos, exams and essays..  The final was a recording of you teaching a move.


June 2016

Independent study

My favorite way to do Pilates Continuing Ed is taking classes with master teachers and peers.  Outstanding teachers I took from in NYC:

Benjamin Degenhardt - Contact
Victoria Torrie-Capan - Contact
Blossom Leilani Crawford - Contact